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Hurriyet (in Turkish / English) - Hurriyet also has USA edition.
Yeni Safak (in Turkish / English) - An Islamist newspaper.
Zaman (in Turkish / English) - Published in Istanbul.
Dunya (in Turkish / English) - Featuring business news.
The New Anatolian (in English) - English-language newspaper.
Turkish Daily News (in English) - English-language newspaper.
Turkish Press.com (in English) - Offers daily news in English.
Yahoo! News - Turkey (in English)
Milliyet [video] (in Turkish) - Turkish daily newspaper.
Radikal gazetesi (in Turkish) - Published in Istanbul.
BirGun (in Turkish) - Published in Istanbul.
Sabah (in Turkish) - Turkish daily newspaper.
Yeni Asir (in Turkish) - Published in Izmir.
CNN Turk (in Turkish) - Turkish language edition of CNN.
EurasiaNet - Turkey News (in English)
The Turkish Times (in English) - English-language newspaper published by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations.