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National Newspaper / General News
The Moscow Times (in English) - English-language daily newspaper.
The Moscow News (in English) - English-language daily newspaper.
Interfax (in Russian / English) - Non-governmental press agency.
Itar-Tass (in Russian / English) - State-run news agency.
Pravda (in Russian / English / Portuguese / Italian)
 - Russia's second-largest newspaper.
Novye Izvestiya (in Russian) - Published in Moscow.
Kommersant (in Russian / English) - Business newspaper.
Gazeta (in Russian / English) - Covering politics and business.
The Russia Journal (in English)
Yahoo! News - Russia (in English)
The eXile (in English) - English-language biweekly newspaper.
Sport-Express (in Russian / English) - Daily sports newspaper.
Google News - Russia (in Russian) - Aggregates news from various sources.
Regional Newspaper / Local News
The St.Petersburg Times (in English) - Published in St.Petersburg.
Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti (in Russian) - Published in St.Petersburg.
Vladivostok News (in English) - Published in Vladivostok.