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The National State Teleradio Company (in English / Belarusian / Russian)
  - Offers news articles and video news clips.
Narodnaja Volya (in Belarusian) - Published in Minsk.
Novy Chas (in Belarusian) - Published in Minsk.
Nasa Niva (in Belarusian) - Weekly newspaper in Minsk.
Pahonia (in Belarusian) - Published in Hrodna (Grodno).
Narodnye Naviny Vitsebska (in Belarusian) - Published in Vitebsk.
Golas Radzimy (in Belarusian)
Respublika (in Russian) - Published in Minsk.
BDG (in Russian)
BelGazeta (in Russian)
Minskiy Kurier (in Russian) - Published in Minsk.
Dnyaprovets (in Russian) - Published in Rechitsa.
Infa-Kur'er (in Russian) - Published in Slutsk.
7 Dney (in Russian)
Belaruski Chas (in Russian)