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English-language Newspapers and News Sources
Daily Mirror (in English) - Published in Colombo.
Daily News (in English) - State-owned newspaper.
The Island (in English) - Published in Colombo.
The Sunday Observer (in English) - State-owned weekly newspaper.
The Sunday Leader (in English) - Weekly newspaper based in Colombo.
Lanka Business Online (in English) - Business news website.
The Lanka Academic (in English) - Online news service.
Sri Lanka News Web (in English) - Online news service.
Muslim Guardian (in English) - Online news service.
Lanka e News (in English / Sinhala) - Online news service.
Sinhala-language Newspapers and News Sources
Daily Divaina (in Sinhala) - Published in Colombo.
Vimasuma (in Sinhala) - Online news service.
Aratuwa (in Sinhala)
Lankadeepa (in Sinhala) - Registration required to read news.
Tamil-language Newspapers and News Sources
Dinakaran (in Tamil) - Satate-owned newspaper.
Thinakural (in Tamil) - Published in Colombo.
Sooriyan (in Tamil) - Tamil-language news website.