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eKantipur.com (in English) - News service run by Kantipur National Daily.
The Kathmandu Post (in English)
The Rising Nepal (in English) - Published in Kathmandu.
The Himalayan Times (in English) - Published in Kathmandu.
The Nepal Weekly (in English) - Updated weekly.
The Nepali Times (in English) - Weekly paper based in Kathmandu.
People's Review (in English) - Political and business weekly.
Nepalnews.com (in English / Nepali) - Links to newspapers for Nepal.
Newah Post (in Nepali) - Published in Kathmandu.
Kamana Prakashan Samuha (in Nepali) - Published in Kathmandu.
Nepali Post (in Nepali / English) - Nepali news from US (Virginia).